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Dr. Miguel Nacenta

Monday, 28th January 2019 9:40 am
Where: E2-528 EITC

From Data to the Brain Through Interactive Visualization

According to the dominant voices in the mainstream, business and technical mass media, we live now in the era of data. We generate more data than ever at an increasing pace, and this data can result in significant efficiencies, new jobs within the ‘digital economy’, and information empires such as Google’s. It is therefore not surprising that improving the ability of people to process and act upon that data is a prominent focus of current research and industrial efforts. 
In this talk I describe my own journey within the larger quest of making data more accessible to people’s analysis. The journey started at the lowest possible level of abstraction: perception (e.g., Deepview and FatFonts projects), and gradually evolved through increasing interactivity (Transmogrifiers, iVOLVER) to an improved understanding of the role of the human analyst in close connection with the media and tools that facilitate it (bottom-up vs. top-down visualization processes, agency and granularity in visualization tools). I conclude with my vision of where the most prominent benefits of data and visual analytics lie. Perhaps paradoxically, I believe that the most productive research opportunities involve putting the emphasis on the analysis and modelling processes and further relegating data to the background in its role of ‘raw material’.
This speaker is a candidate for a tenure-track position in the Department of Computer Science.
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